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bonds insuranceBonds Insurance

Bonds Insurance will allow you and your agent to design a policy with the right coverages for your needs.

As a business owner, you need to work with a surety company who'll learn about your business and give you credit for your hard work.  Surety bonds can help protect your business interests in a variety of situations.

Surety bonds are different than insurance. They're designed to guarantee a principal will act with honesty, integrity and financial responsibility and comply with a law or contract.  We will review your case individually and efficiently, often issuing bonds within a 24 hour period.

Contract Surety Bonds

If you're a contractor and need a bid bond, performance bond, payment bond or maintenance bond for your next job, we can help. Our net worth underwriting philosophy is unique, emphasizing personal and business assets, credit history and your project completion record. No contract surety bond is too small and no minimum premium is required.

Commercial Surety Bonds

Commercial bonds are usually required by law or regulation, and include license and permit bonds, public official bonds, notary bonds, federal bonds and other miscellaneous bonds.

Court Surety Bonds

If you're involved in a court case, you may need to obtain a court surety bond. This type of bond guarantees that a person or entity will faithfully perform their legal duties and will demonstrate financial responsibility for the benefit of another until the final outcome of the court case is reached. Appeal bonds and probate bonds are common types of court surety bonds.

Fidelity Surety Bonds

Dishonest employees are a reality, even for business owners who think their assets are secure. Fidelity bonds can protect you and your customers against employee theft and dishonesty.

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