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workmans-compensation insuranceWorkers Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance provides statutorily required coverage for work-related injuries and includes rehab and lost wages. In the worst case, it provides a deceased worker's family with a financial benefit.  The idea behind workers' compensation is simple. It's a no-fault insurance program. As an employer you pay for workers' compensation insurance and in return your business is covered for work-related accidents.

Your agent will partner with you to design a policy with the right coverages for your needs.

Workers' Compensation coverage can:

  • Help pay for doctor, medical and hospital bills.
  • Help make up for lost wages and cover rehab and other expenses.
  • Work with you and your employee to return them to work.
  • Transitional work, and may include training with new skills.
  • If your employee can't return to work, it will pay a long-term benefit.
  • If an employee dies due to a work related accident, it will pay an insurance benefit to their family.

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