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valuables insuranceValuables Insurance

Valuables Insurance will insure that all of the value that an item has is protected incase anything happens to it. If you have valuables like jewelry, furs, art, antiques, coins or stamps, their worth isn't just the price you paid – it may include the time you spent collecting them or sentimental value if the property has been passed down in your family.

To protect these valuables you may need extra coverage beyond the limits of your homeowners, renters, condo insurance.  This optional coverage can provide higher limits for these specialty items.

Your agent will partner with you to design a policy with the right coverages for your needs.

  • Jewelry, watches and furs
  • Cameras (film, digital, video)
  • Computers
  • Golf equipment
  • Silverware, gold ware, pewter ware
  • Fine arts
  • Guns
  • Tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Money, rare coins, gift cards, gift certificates
  • Stamp collection

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